The Lumineers @ Coachella

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I came across this Lumineers’ performance from this year’s Coachella. It’s folksy essence fits in perfectly with what most outsiders believe the aesthetic of the festival to be. I think it best embodies the spirit of the concert’s audience. Young, a bit quirky, just a tad outside of mainstream which means it’s popular enough to garner success but cool enough to appeal to the hipsters.


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Behind my Photoshoot with Jenisa

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I thought it might be fun to dissect a photoshoot, detailing some of the things that goes into making a beautiful image. This is a brief insight into one of my recent shoots. I thought it’d be cool if you got to see how each individual member of the team contributed their talents. For more pics and team insight hit the link:

Black + White + Cold

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Black + White + Cold

Me and JT were back at it. Slogging through ATL traffic trying to find the perfect spot to take photos. Sure it was a bit breezy and nippy but hey, you do what yo gotta do to get the shot. And here it is.

Nell | The Day Before

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I blogged about this some time ago on Modern art + style but I just wanted to revisit it for you guys.

Meet Nell. They could be considered kpop but they are unabashedly indie rock. Whatever the categorization, don’t forget to add bad ass in there somewhere. Can’t really tell you how I happened upon them but I can tell you that once I heard their stuff, I became an instant fan.

The first video from their latest project (released last year) is a piece of cinematic genius. There are network/cable dramas that don’t pack as much emotional punch or depth.

The Day Before, is a haunting piece of work. The melody saunters demurely as the melancholic lyrics are recited with a hint of resignation. It really draws you in. And this is before you even see the video that accompanies it. It’s a short story that in itself meanders at a slow, deliberate pace. The build up takes you through a stunningly shot sequence. The camera moves meticulously throughout the minimalist, modern apartment.

At any rate, hope you enjoy. And just to let you know, the title track Slip Away is my favorite song of the moment.

For more in-depth analysis on the song/band and the english translation, here’s the original post:

What Does Street Art Mean To Me?

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To Me, Street Art Is Another Way Of Self Expression. A Different Variation Of Freedom Of Speech. Whenever You Get An Idea You Find A Place Or Way To Let It Out. And To Be Honest, Street Art Does Not Fit Into Society. It Is The Misfit In The Art Category. Street Art Is Under-appreciated. But No Matter How Much Or How Little Street Art Gets Acknowledged, Street Art Is Definitely A Positive Connotation. Period.

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Temple of Dendur was built by the Roman governor of Egypt, Petronius, around 15 B.C. dedicated to Isis, Osiris, as well as Pediese and Pihor. The temple was commissioned by Emperor Augustus of Rome and has been transfered to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where it resides since 1978.

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