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TODAYS INSPIRATION | The Art of Fonts | You probably did Not know that there was such thing as a ‘font designer’. I found this amazing typeface here by a posh designer Ariel Di Lisio! Typography is the name of the game and he just won the game for me today. “Uma is a typeface family consisting of 2 variables weights, light and bold. The typography is fresh, informal and friendly at first glance, but the constructive architecture makes it elegant and modern.” -Ariel. Along with the beautiful typeface, you have the avant garde photography to compliment it by Fernanda Rubio. Amore amore amore!

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TODAYS INSPIRATION | Illustration and Character Design by Max Kostenko | “Shut The Front Door,” is all I can say! I am obsessed with Character illustration. Which explains my obsession with pixar! I love how he makes them look so real and so full of personality. It’s like you’ve seen them before, but as actual people. Crazy how perfect he gets them to look!

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TODAYS INSPIRATION | Matthias Hedierich’s amazing Spektrum Eins photography | “Spring has brought me such a nice surprise, pop-corn popping right before my eyes!” I always want to sing this song when the sun is shining and colors are vibrant again! Thats what these images remind me of.. Spring! Doesn’t mean that I don’t love my winters too. Shredding the Gnar Gnar tomorrow (my boyfriends slang is rubbing off unfortunately)! Enjoy these exquisite architectural photographs, I know I am!


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Monna McDiarmid

a long time ago
in mexico
my teacher-friend heather dowd
spoke of her time in japan
in a quiet voice
as if we were in church.

“it’s not possible”
she said,
“to take
a bad photo
in japan.”

i loved
that she thought that.

i confess
to a box full of bad shots
of japan.

i took them when we first arrived.

after two years in bangkok
(an extrovert’s city
where people never stop
we moved to japan.

our arrival
was not a gentle
touching down
but the crash-landing
of foreigners
who don’t yet know their way.

the first english we heard
a message on the airport shuttle
“please do not annoy your neighbours.”
too late.
we were cymbals and horns honking
while japan looked politely away.

time passed
in that gracious way
that time has.

we still can’t tell a taxi driver
how to…

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Mert + Marcus | The Photographers

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Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot are in demand, well sought after, preferred, praised, well received. In other words, they’re quite popular. They are quintessential to modern fashion photography. Their work is ubiquitous. They’ve shot campaigns for just about every high-end brand you can think of; Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, etc. Their style is very classic yet easily recognizable.
Elongated limbs, expressive gestures, high contrast lighting, all reminiscent of Mannerism. You’ll notice the clothing perfectly coiffed, tailored. The Lighting is almost always hard (strongly defined shadows) when shot on location, soft lighting for studio. They favor rich color, often using soft hues to set the tone/mood of the image. Their B&W work has contrast but seems to lose a bit of the life present in their color work.


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An Eye For Fashion

Norman Parkinson Photographs
British Designers 1954-1964

21 January – 15 April 2012
Bristol M Shed.

This exhibition of over 60 rare vintage photographs by Norman Parkinson was absolutely fantastic, and is well worth the visit if you get a chance (Which I highly recommend if you are interested in fashion photography!) The majority of these works were featured in Vogue magazine, as well as The Queen magazine – so already you get the idea of glamorous portraits. And I was totally thrilled to get to go!

The photos have such a timeless beauty about them; all the models and locations are all subtly yet impressively staged so that they look completely natural. Though every single detail from the weather to the locations colour scheme is controlled to Parkinson’s meticulous preparation and perfectionism. The end results perfectly capture the mood of an era…

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Marni for H&Mis getting ready and all step by step and meeting expectations. On this occasion is Sofia Coppola, who repeated with them but behind the camera, no video.

Marni campaign for H&M shown the models Imogen Poots and Liu Wen, one of the most successful models today, from China.

In a casual context, with a good taste for saturated colors (burgundy background) to give more emphasis to the picture, Sofia Coppola shows us the new collectionof short dresses that will be highly desired on March 8, the day the collection will be offered for sale.

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