Modern art + style Anniversary Giveaway | UPDATE

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Modern art + style Anniversary Giveaway | UPDATE

Modern art + style is celebrating its one year anniversary and recent B. FAB award (for best fashion photographer blogger) by giving away a bunch of cool stuff. Think of it as a thank you for checking in on us every now and then as well as encouraging us to keep pushing forward. We truly appreciate it. Whether you purposely type in the URL or serendipitously find an article or an image and stay to check out what this thing is all about, you managed to make a difference. In the end, it means a lot to have people respond positively to the work we’ve put in and will continue to put in.

There are two gift bags. An art bag that I’m filling with pens (Micron is my favorite brand), pencils, drawing pad, Holga camera (w/film!) and Lens Baby Spark to shoot all that fun stuff when you’re out and about on those warm days.

Thanks to two of my frequent + favorite contributors JT and Jourdyn for brainstorming ideas for the style gift bag. JT narrowed down the list to include a $50 Zara gift card and a bunch of beauty stuff to get you ready for spring.

Cool right? Ok. Now rules. We’re keeping it simple, subscribe to our social networks:

Blog: Modern art + style ( –> )

Instagram: JT | Darnell Wilburn

Twitter: JT

1. Every subscription counts as an entry.

2. Be sure to check in and let us know you’re entering via comment and mention which grab bag you’d like to win and we’ll toss your name in the hat.

3. The contest ends on April 20th and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

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