David Agenjo | Painter

April 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

David Agenjo | Painter

David Agenjo‘s work could be considered modern impressionism. His penchant for using a cool color palette appears deliberate. It creates a distance between the subject, which is often human, and the viewer. As a result, it’s almost voyeuristic. You experience these people but you’re disconnected from them emotionally. You wonder their origins, their wants.

David’s work exhibits such a dynamic tension.

Even when the subjects’ bodies are more expressive, their facial expressions are stoic furthering the detached nature of his work. There are bursts of vivid colors placed haphazardly within the paintings and coupled with the kinetic brush strokes, the painting feels less subdued and more lively. It’s a delicate balance. One I think is more successful with the Portraits, Hands-on Canvas + Oneself collections; and less so with his Up & Down in Town series.

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